Top Phone Mounts and Holders for Cars

Feb 16, 2020

Top Phone Mounts and Holders for Cars

Top Phone Mounts and Holders for Cars

I was researching all the features that people found most important in a Phone Mount for their vehicle I came across this article which I found most interesting.  Through this and many other sources of information is how we came up with our version of the Best Phone Mount.  Please take the time to read this article from an excellent source.


By PCWorld Staff:

Best phone mounts and holders for cars

Keep your phone (and your GPS directions) in sight with these mounts.

If you’re using your smartphone for GPS directions but leaving it in your lap or cupholder, it’s time to get a phone holder for your car. These mounts allow you to position a smartphone within line of sight—and keep it out of your hands, thus avoiding a ticket in some states.

The best phone holder isn’t the same for everyone, however. Car manufacturers not only use different types of vents, but they mix up the positions of both CD players and vents too. States also have different laws for what can be attached to a windshield (and where).

Accordingly, our list of the best phone mounts doesn’t single out just one or two picks. Instead, we’re sharing the most convenient and reliable models as a group after putting them to the test in a variety of cars

Updated 11/22/19 to include the Dopobo Dashboard Cradle, which mounts your phone in a unique way over your instrument panel,


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