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New Barbecu Tool Premium Cedar Scraper Natural Cedar Wood BBQ Grill Scraper Full Size Reusable BBQ Cleaning Tools Cooking

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MATERIAL-Made of 100%natural non-toxic red cedar,environmentally-safe and renewable material,with a rope on top to easily hanging on,This is a necessary grill accessories for barbeque lovers
SAFETY-An innovative way to clean the bbq without the risk of metal wires getting lodge in your food or stuck to your grill ,the cedar scraper will keep kids from ingesting it and having medical issues. no health concerns with this grill cleaner
UNIQUE MARK-Using this wooden scraper after you finish cooking meat(on first use), you should turned all of the burners to high and started scraping with the paddle ( bevelled side down ). the grill will immediately left a nice mark on the scraper and surprisingly cleaned the grill very well. The cedar scraper will naturally form to your grill and to the unique way you use it
EFFICIENT-Its sturdy and strong enough to give the BBQ a good scrape, it can used to oil your grill and easily get all the crispy burnt stuff of your grill, perfect cleaning tool for barbecue
WARNING-Do not put it out in the rain for a long time
Metal brush would damage your grill and leave small metal pieces,after all the social media scares about getting wire bristles stuck in your throat,it\'s time for you to realize that Cedar Grill Scraper is a healthier option,no need to worry about the whole metal brush leaving bristles in your food anymore. step: 1. Preheat the grill to start the grooving process,just make sure your grill is hot enough,cause it\'s a important moves that allows the grooves to form quickly. 2. move back and forth on your grill,remember to use slow firm pressure. 3. Repeat-align the previously formed grooves to the grate ensuring that only one good set of grooves forms. Once grooves have formed,the high heat is no longer necessary.
Package include
1x Cedar Grill Scraper



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